We are a non-profit, in-home treatment program for families operating out of Hillsborough County. The service is available at no cost to lower income families with children who are having behavioral, emotional or mental health issues in Hillsborough County.

We offer a helping hand for parents and families when kids begin to experience problems in school or at home; or even with the law. S4KF starts with a dedicated case worker who works in the home with the child and the family. These case workers have access to dozens of programs to help the child and family at risk- many are described on this web-page.

“We work with the family as a whole- we don’t believe in disrupting the home by sending kids away- and we realize that everyone in that family may have needs that can be addressed by our caseworkers and programs.” says Clara Reynolds, Managing Director. Our clients’ success stories speak for themselves, and we boast an 85% success rate- one of the most successful programs in the nation.

“Without Success 4 Kids and Families, my son never would have graduated middle school-- I cannot tell you how important this has been for my family,” states one satisfied dad.

Another mom agrees, “They helped us understand what our son was going through -they educated us. They showed me that I wasn’t a bad parent- that I simply needed help.”

Beginning with a family and child assessment by certified clinicians, we offer family counseling- as well as help to for troubled children. Some of our programs include substance abuse, depression, learning difficulties, anger management, bullying, and problems at school. We even provide related services, such as physical and speech therapy, tutoring, legal services, medical and dental, and parent coaching.

Take a tour of our website- its new and evolving as we speak- but our programs have been around for almost four years now and we get rave reviews. We hope we can help you and your family- that’s our goal!