Do you have a dream or goal that you have been trying to accomplish for years? What's holding you back from making that goal or dream a reality? Sometimes all you need is someone to hold you accountable and/or give you the right perspective and external discipline to keep you moving and on target towards accomplishing all that you are capable of.

Coach Kevin will work with you to determine your core authentic values. Once your core authentic values are identified, Coach Kevin will work with you to develop a life plan that empowers them. With your new life plan, you will be able to form goals and take regularly planned action that moves you toward those goals. Coach Kevin will be there with you through your ups and downs.


Coach Kevin is a Success Coach who helps successful people become more successful as they discover and embrace their core inner values, develop a new life plan, and become accountable for accomplishing their goals that are derived from their new life plan. Coach Kevin utilizes a state-of-the-art computer tracking system that helps his clients' actualize their Dynamic Destiny. He works fervently with his clients to unlock their full potential and attain their heart’s desires. With his passionate approach to success coaching, clients can be assured of gaining meaningful results from their coaching investment.

Coach Kevin is also a Published Author and tells an incredible true story in his novel From Ghetto to Greatness. The main character Jerome Green is based on him. Coach Kevin was born into a picture perfect family until in 1972 his parents divorced. From there he bounced around California and found himself as a book smart, but troubled youth. Somehow he found his way out of the Ghetto and followed his path to greatness. Today he has earned well over a million dollars in corporate America as an IT Engineer and Consultant to fortune 300 companies.

Coach Kevin is a charismatic, Motivational Speaker who brings incredible value to any event or medium where he appears to speak, to be interviewed or to conduct a workshop. Coach Kevin is a respected member of the International Coach Federation, The Georgia Coach Association, and Toast Masters International. He regularly conducts seminars and delivers his keynote message on discovering your God-given purpose, creating your life plan, and setting and achieving goals based on your life plan.

Coach Kevin takes the wisdom and caring of a grandfather, the discipline of a military training instructor, the intelligence of an engineer, and the vision of a senior corporate consultant and combines that experience with specialized Coactive Coaching techniques to enable you to transform your life and reach your glorious potential. He has a following of over 5,000 online fans who log-on to his various websites to read and listen to his sage advice on positive living.


“As my Success Coach, Kevin has helped me identify and move past so many roadblocks to my success. Due to his enablement, I am fully confident and on track to fulfill my life's fullest potential. Coach Kevin is the best Life Coach on the planet.” - Val Jones (Fayetteville, NC, USA)

“Brilliant job by author Kevin Brown, as he takes us on an insightful journey through ghetto life and lessons learned. This book is intriguing and inspiring!...It drew me into a world I will never experience firsthand, but captured my attention from cover to cover... penetrating the depths of the soul...grasping, tugging at, and touching every emotion... real, revealing, and human!! I very much enjoyed the musical history and journey through the 70s...Fabulous! Extraordinarily written...Definitely a "must read!" - Sunshine Brown (Collegeville, PA, USA)

”Coach Kevin provided a dynamic and entertaining speech which left the audience wanting more. Everyone stood on their feet and applauded Coach Kevin for the wisdom and encouragement he provided. We will definitely contract with him to speak every year at our national convention.” - Minister Hashim Nzanga (Atlanta, GA, USA)

“Coach Kevin gave me an awe inspiring interview during our recent fund raising campaign which directly resulted in significant monetary pledges to our station. He has a smooth voice, great studio presence and delivers answers that are thought provoking and entertaining.” Morris Baxter, Morning DJ, WCLK 91.9 FM Radio (Atlanta, GA, USA)