VPG Stores is the offshoot of Vikramaditya Foods, a unique venture by visionary entrepreneur Arunima Tiwari. Started in 2007, VPG stores caters to the requirements of High Networth Individuals (HNI) looking for premium, quality and exotic foods, spices, meat and rice among others, all from a trusted reliable source. The emphasis is on serving HNIs in India who do not mind paying that little extra if they get the freshest, best, juiciest, tenderest and most delectable of food items. Our product portfolio also includes grocery, fruits, vegetables, cosmetics and confectionery sourced from the best producers around the world. VPG Stores was launched only after intensive research into buying preferences of HNIs in India. We compiled their preferences and tastes and prepared our product portfolio to include the most exotic, coveted and niche brands and types. Shopping at VPG Stores is akin to shopping in any international destination. We have the background and experience of running a multi-million pound operation in London. VPG is in the process of expanding. We will be launching over 118 stores in select cities in the Northern Belt to cater to HNIs within a few months. We change the way HNIs shop. If needed our store travels to your doorstep. Just call. A representative will visit you, show our extensive catalog, book orders and deliver your products to you in record time. We have earned the trust of hundreds of HNIs in Delhi who love this exclusive way of shopping for groceries, backed by our guarantees and with our full support at any time..