Up and coming web based fashion retailer www.sugarillashop.com is proud to announce its website launch June 6, 2013.  Sugarillashop features fashion forward designers including Naven, Wildfox, Greylin, MINKPINK, Charlie Jade, L*Space,
Gigi New York, Lovemarks, d.RA and I.madeline.   The website is shopper friendly with a clean and chic appearance.  Customers have been quoted as saying that "because of the bright cheerful approach to shopping on your website, it has continued to make me want to to come back for more."  

The collection of brands carried on sugarillashop.com are specifically chosen to compliment each other so that the customer can feel as though they have been
personally styled.

The designers featured on the sugarillashop.com website have been seen on celebrity who's who in publications like People's Stylewatch Magazine, Marie Claire , Instyle Magazine, and Sports Illustrated.