Welcome to my website! If it is not already apparent, I am Susan Barnes. I have been writing professionally for over 20 years on topics such as relationships and advice (including long distance relationships), life coaching, success, love and happiness; personal development topics such as how to be charismatic, how to generate your own luck, how to be more intuitive, and how to be successful; and spirituality topics such as love magic, net magic, and magnetism. I teach people through sharing my success story and the success stories of others as well as examining how successful people approach things, and I’m not necessarily talking about business success. I have published five self-help books and books on relationships utilizing these topics to empower women and help them to develop strength and have healthy relationships. I have two more books that have been published but are yet to be released. Additionally, I have written nine children’s books geared toward empowering young girls, which were featured on Rachael Ray.

My motto is “Fall in love with you and others will too.” My books help you to do just that. Find love and happiness in your present circumstances and you will discover a level of spirituality and positivity that will be magnetic to others, which can open the door to positive relationships and help you with your pursuit of happiness.  My self-help books encourage personal development and give you examples of what can happen when you do the work to become the woman you want to be. Successful people are no different than you, they just have the knowledge and have taken the steps necessary to reach their goals, and I am passing that knowledge on to you.

Think about successful people that you know. What are their strengths? Charisma? Healthy relationships? Magnetism? All of these things are learned behaviors that I can teach you to help you become a success story. I give you proven, real world advice that will cause personal development in the areas that are most important to you. I can also help men learn how to approach women, and how to find the right kind of woman for real, healthy relationships and help with sex education that will lead to sexual and loving intimacy.

So, what is stopping you from taking that first step?  Light the fire that will become a flame of change in your life. You deserve love and happiness, you deserve personal success and business success and a deeper spirituality, you deserve healthy relationships and to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Take that chance, make the leap. Whether it’s finally stepping out to pursue business success, or taking the risk on a long distance relationship or even deciding to make sex education a priority to strengthen a relationship you already have, take the step.

With so many self-help books and books on relationships on the store shelf, what makes my information different?  I’ll tell you: I take the pursuit of happiness seriously. It is a right in this country, yet so many people have given up on it. To be a success in this pursuit, start with the art of happiness. Don’t look to your circumstances for happiness, look inside to the incredible person you are and the potential that you have, and find happiness in relationships with family, friends and people you love. The pursuit of happiness doesn’t have a finish line. It is a continual striving to find positivity in your surroundings, so become a master in the art of happiness and become one of the success stories that I can share with others about the power of my advice and books on relationships.

So whether you want to leap into a long distance relationship, discover more pleasure with sex education or finally understand the pursuit of happiness as well as the art of happiness, I can help. Contact me or pick up my books and find answers that can change how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. You can become a success story, take my 20 years of experience in relationship advice and life coaching and write your own ending. Who do you want to be? Let’s make it happen. Visit my store to order your copies today!