Swissdent Dental Cosmetics - the world's gentlest whitening toothpaste and complete oral care brand.

What's different about Swissdent? Everything...

Swissdent has gone from leading Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Med. Dent. Vaclav Velkoborsky wanting to make his customers an effective whitening toothpaste with only the 'best of the best' ingredients to being sold in over 20 countries around the world!

The entire range of Swissdent products is made in Switzerland - including the award-winning toothbrushes.

The flagship products in the range, the whitening toothpastes, contain a unique, patented ingredient called NANOXYD®: micronised particles of calcium peroxide that penetrate even the tiniest cracks and gaps of the tooth, effectively bleaching at a very low concentration. This makes it ideal even for those with extremely sensitive teeth.

And you probaby haven't heard of RDA before. Probably because most toothpastes companies don't want you to know what theirs is. RDA is Relative Dentin Abrasivity - each and every toothpaste manufactured in the world has an RDA 'score'. The higher the number, the more abrasive, or harsh, it is on the delicate surface of the tooth. The Swissdent products have an RDA of 25 - 40, which is what many children's toothpastes sit at! The RDA level of toothpastes can go up to 200 - and many whitening toothpastes sit at 70 - 200.