“Why is it so dang hard to find this lure?”

Adam (TackleHack’s™ founder) had been scouring dozens of websites and social media pages to find custom-painted lures. His fishing trip to Lake Cumberland was a week away and he didn’t want to come back empty handed. Yet, several frustrating hours later and…nothing.

As a lifelong fisherman and hunter from southern Kentucky, he knew, firsthand, the value that quality custom tackle can add to his gaming experience. Any avid outdoorsmen will tell you: often times, the mass-market products simply just don’t cut it. Their go-to secret weapon is almost always custom made.

It then dawned on him: there must be an untold number of small companies or individuals handcrafting lures, custom rods, game calls, knives, and apparel that need to be known, and countless more customers (like himself) that would love to buy it. So why the disconnect?
It was in that exact moment, the idea for TackleHack™ was born.

It took many months of researching, reaching out to custom manufacturers, and site building, but Adam and his team have finally built a one-stop-shop custom gear marketplace for those who demand more, go further, and never settle for less in the wild.

Adam is the first to admit, it’s a work in progress. Kentucky Lake wasn’t built in a day, after all. That’s why we here at TackleHack™ work hard to regularly add (and reward!) new vendors from all corners of our great nation, so we can get their beautifully-constructed products noticed and sold! And we would love your feedback and help along the way.

Show us your craftsmanship.

As fellow outdoorsmen, we know your craft is too important to our experience and success for it to go unnoticed any longer.

Whether you’re a casual fishermen, weekend hunting warrior, or full-on professional, as an outdoorsman, you make up one of the largest and most supportive communities in the world. And TackleHack™ wants to help bring us all a little closer together – one custom rod, crank bait, and turkey call at a time.

The Lake. The Woods. The Mountains. They are all calling.

TackleHack™ aims to make your outdoor experience even more successful and rewarding.