Things Are Changing Productions is a Brooklyn-based multicultural transmedia production and publishing company. The company’s name as well as the tagline, “for seekers of conscious media,” highlights the vision we have for the future and acknowledges the growing on-demand economy; one that aims to shift mainstream consciousness out of a fear based mind set. Mainstream media primarily focuses on violent and negative content as opposed to positive action and many audiences prefer an alternative to what some might view as propaganda.

TAC Productions creates franchise properties that contain a mixture of episodic series, short and feature length films, digital literature, books, workshops and media arts education. We produce, publish and license transmedia products grounded in storytelling and interactivity that generate meaningful experiences for our audiences. As disruptions to the entertainment industry continue in the form of streaming and on-demand services, audiences are finding a slew of new distributors eager to meet the demand of an insatiable public. Many of these distributors are acting like established productions studios, greenlighting pilots and entire projects, and some have even experimented with crowdsourcing content (see Amazon Studios). Technology has opened the way and where we see an opportunity for us as a small publisher, is in the growing category of lifestyle, activism, spirituality, and art. Vice Media, currently valued between $1-$2 billion, illustrates how a small free print magazine can establish in a relatively short time, a brand that is best known for raw videos from the frontlines of social change. Their programming is as diverse as it is relatively low budget, and they often rely on millennials as freelance journalists to bring to life stories that are rarely discussed in the mainstream media. Yet, even without “selling out” they able to maintain high production value while also being extremely successful at disrupting the mainstream media formula. Thus, we too are disrupters in an increasingly disrupted world.