Talent Concierge® Artist Agency is a modern-day boutique agency with the focus of the management and care of today’s world-class talent, connecting them to world-class opportunities working with world-class brands.

Talent Concierge® is at the Forefront of Change.Traditional fades and ways of work are experiencing digital take over. The power of engagement and celebrity influencer is everything.

The new revolution is old news to us. For years, we have been working with world-class influencers and partnering with world-class brands that leads to greater exposure for our clients. Reaching millions through digital, linear, and nonlinear distribution channels. Many of our Talent cross over into Keynote Speaking, film, TV, commercials, books, Podcast, and endorsements.

The label manages brands, trademarks, coordinates production, marketing promotion, media, and enhance the artist message through our 1:1 mentor programs, training, open-door engagements, and world-class showcase, while also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists and maintaining contracts with world-class brands.

Within the mainstream ‘speaker industry,’ speakers [artists] have traditionally been reliant upon speaker bureaus to broaden their consumer base, market their collateral, and be both promoted and heard on today’s largest platforms. As a leader in the industry, TCAA provides much more by training, mentoring, setting the standards on and off the platform. Our Talent Agents assist our artist in gaining positive media coverage and produce events throughout the year where our artist have the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of thousands of world-class brands – from live events to virtual streaming around the globe.

TCAA founders have over 30 years of executive leadership in the entertainment and meetings industry. The positive culture of the organization is always 'team' taking out the isolation for artist to have to it figure it out on your own.

TCAA is not for the faint of heart. You won’t find any get rich schemes. It’s for those who genuinely believe they have what others need and ready to make an impact. If that’s your goal, then TCAA wants to work with you. This requires patience, dedication to your craft, and empathy. Building trust is paramount. In fact it’s absolutely essential to your success.