Society is changing and old beliefs and ways of doing business do not apply anymore. Latest political and economic crisis, and recent worldwide events, call for new practices and ways to create a new world.

All the information that has been unveiled during the last 50 years of our history, is currently leading humanity toward new understandings, new ways of relating to our reality and therefore, making possible its expansion beyond what we once thought impossible.

A new Renaissance is afoot!

Tapuat's mission aims at helping to comprehend and integrate the emerging new information, beliefs, principles and values, that is the energy which affects all aspects of our lives, including the way we do business.

By following the Heart Path©: a new understanding of reality that involves the Heart instead of the Mind; through multimedia presentations, techniques, methods, artworks and teachings, individuals and companies can experience major paradigm shifts and enter into a new age of expansion and growth.

Tapuat's international work team facilitates and assists any individual or entity choosing this path of full discovery and development.

Individuals benefit from Tapuat's mission of publishing and promoting any mono and multimedia content that explains, trains and supports personal growth.

At a group level, companies benefit through conferences, workshops, services and publishing activities of mono and multimedia content that carry the new concepts of business.

In order, together, to create a world based on trust, transparency and unlimited expansion.