TateWorks Life Consulting & Coaching, a Work Life Strategy firm in New York City since 2003.  Serving women who are grappling with issues from professional time-management to personal lifestyle balance that puts them back in control.  

Learning to properly manage personal life outside the professional arena and aligning what matters most with who you are and clarity to create a life one deserves.

Your life requires self-centered priorities, lifestyle, changing roles, work life balance needs, but most importantly, YOU.  Beyond the glitz and glamor of your professional successes  - YOU are the centerpiece that holds the critical key to your own future and its complete happiness.

TateWorks provides:
-Group and One-on-One Coaching
-Workshops and Seminars for Self-Knowledge Assessments
-Self Wealth Retreats and Events

Defining and clarifying goals in the following areas:
1). Values – The importance of ethical principles in their lives
2). Purpose – The meaning of their careers as seen by them
3). Roles – Their successful image as seen by others    
4). Attitude – Their positive way of thinking, leading them to success.

and much more...