Tempo Cycling & Pilates Studio, Portland, Ore.

Tempo is modest, yet powerful studio located on Southeast 12th Street, just a block off of one of the largest bike thoroughfares—Hawthorne Boulevard and Ladd’s Addition. At Tempo, people of any fitness level can attend any class in a motivating, unintimidating environment. You might find yourself in a cycling class next to a national champion, but you won’t feel like you aren’t also a champ. Tempo’s clients often move from fitness-level cycling and Pilates to training for longer rides, track races or triathlons. The instructors tailor your workout so you won’t keel over and die, but will push your outer limits with undeniable results. They believe in building each individual to their peak performance at a reasonable pace versus risking frustration, burnout and injury. In lieu of or as a compliment to a large gym membership, Tempo’s clients range from busy executives to commuter professionals, retirees, and at-home parents.

Why should commuters stop at a cycling and Pilates studio? Many might wonder why, after saving so much money commuting by bicycle, they should spend money to take an indoor cycle class. The answer is simple. Many of Tempo’s clients are what Kirk calls “commuter warriors.” “At all levels, our clients are getting to work or school by bike, but need to train for longer or more intense rides that commuting alone won’t provide. We also have fair weather clients who prefer to stay in shape in the studio during the fall and winter months so they’re ready to ride when the sun comes out.”

Clients won’t find the community found at Tempo on the commuter path, either. While some clients come to class, sweat and head home, the Tempo team manages to bring people together with an uncanny way of caring and getting to know clients—and knowing them well enough to see when they need a push, peace or sweat therapy in their day. They also know exactly where in the room clients like to train, and every bike setting their clients need for the perfect workout. Tempo sponsors a beautiful “wine ride” through the rolling hills and vineyards near Newberg, Oregon twice a year, starting and ending at Aramenta Cellars winery. They’ll even push you up the last hill if you need it.

“Looks like a World Champion…is a World Champion”
Kirk Whiteman says he started riding a bike because his parents wouldn’t let him have a motorcycle, so the next best thing was BMX. His bike was also his ticket to freedom in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. His competitive cycling dream was inspired in 1983 while watching Nelson Vailes win gold in the Pan American games. Inspired, Kirk took a job as a Manhattan bike messenger as a means for training, just like Vailes. Later, Kirk became a bike mechanic and sales associate at R&A Cycles bike shop in Brooklyn. A customer and 30-year racing veteran, Mike Robinson, stopped Kirk at the shop and said, “hey you look like a World Champion, have you ever competed before?” Kirk said no, and Mike asked him if he could pick him up the next day for a race. On his first day, at the run down Kissena Velodome in Queens, Kirk won his first match sprint race.  Mike started training Kirk, coaching him to three national medals. 20 years later, Kirk now mentors and acts as a life coach for Mike!  

Teaching Movement for Over 20 Years
Jenny Whiteman completed a nine-month Power Pilates certification apprenticeship, studying under Master Instructors including Joseph Pilates discipline’s Kathy Grant in New York. She is also certified in pre- and post-natal Pilates and CycleOps Power. Jenny is a member of Pilates Method Alliance, a standardizing organization and has an extensive list of continuing education in health, fitness and anatomy.