-I have been writing since age 10. You know that writing is in your blood when you would rather send a letter than make a phone call. I won an editorial award in junior college for a "letter to the editor" I had sent to a local paper. The letter was about witnessing a young man's death, and it was judged one of the ten best, out of over 10000 received that year.

-My style is direct and honest--I don't pull punches or write as if I am getting paid by the word. My goals as a writer are to educate, amuse, engage, and yes, sometimes anger you the reader. Your comments and fair reviews of my work are always welcome.

-I wrote "Ten Questions" to help people! I wanted folks to have this information, not so that they can "beat" the system, but so that they can play the game fairly, because they know the rules.

-The "Essays for the 99%" are the "Must Read" for Election 2012, especially Part III "The Auction," and Part IV "The Choice." Agree or disagree, please add your voice to the debate this time around.

-The newest addition to the "Essays for the 99%" is entitled "The Collection," (Parts I-VI) and "Class Warfare" (Part VII). You can hear the "beta" read of Part VII on the website now.

-My latest release is Book One of the "Purrennium Trilogy," a series of children's bedtime stories starring a very special kitty named Fluffington.

-Book Two of the "Purrennium Trilogy" will be available 03/15/12.

-Even if you don't buy my work, you are welcome to listen to the free author's reads on my website, johndavidauthor.com. Please also "like" and "share" them with your friends and family.

-I appreciate your support!