TERAWORK.COM is a freelance website that connects service providers or freelancers through our online marketplace with the people that need their services. With TERAWORK, individuals or businesses can search and hire talented freelancers or sell freelance services including art and creative design, web design and digital marketing, social media marketing, technology and software programming, writing, business consulting, accounting, legal, virtual assistant, multimedia, fashion & lifestyle etc.

TERAWORK aims to essentially solve 2 major problems that lots of people face.

First, for individuals or groups of people with marketable skills who are willing to earn a living by taking freelance jobs, TERAWORK helps showcase and sell their services globally. TERAWORK ensures that they always receive payment for their works as long as they deliver quality jobs. Freelancing is an alternative to full-time employment, and this in a way tackles the problem of unemployment.

Secondly, for individuals or businesses who face difficulties getting competent professionals to help them get their jobs done at the right time, and at the best quality; people who often fear that they wouldn't get values for their money when they engage someone for their jobs, TERAWORK ensures that they can conveniently search and hire top-quality freelancers to help them get their jobs done. Also, entrepreneurs and SMEs with lean budgets can search our website and hire freelancers for one-time, temporary or short-term roles, rather than committing themselves to employing full-time staff whose roles could eventually become redundant later on.