We promote Hare Scramble racing and other events year round related to Off Road Motorcycle Racing. Texas Xtreme is based on the Philosophy that Off Road Enthusiast not only want to race but also have a good time. We believe the racing experience should be challenging for all skill levels, even the Pro's. It should also be fun, safe and family orientated and develop camaraderie between participants. So we have classes for everyone from 4 and up and this includes women, because motorcycle are not just for men!! The small kids race on Saturday with additional older kids racing on Sunday. Adults race a 1hr on Saturday and on Sunday we have both 1hr and 2 hr races for the adults. The kids race on a shortened section, of the big course. After the races are through on Saturday the track is opened up for open practice which lasts till around dusk.  Sunday is another fun day and the 1 hr races start at 9:00, with the 2 hr races at 11:00. Our courses run anywhere from 8-17 miles long and offer all skill levels a challenging and fun race. Texas Xtreme Series will continue to improve as a promoter of a racing series and a sport that truly challenges a rider. A sport that is not just about how fast you can go or how far you can jump but how well you ride fast, slow, through, over , under and around! Courses will be challenging, I can promise that! Some will be long some will be short, some easier than others but I guarantee that by the end of the season you will be a better rider for racing the Texas Xtreme Series!