Clients need effective methods to market their services to past and potential customers without the high cost and low distribution that leads to minimal return on investment.

Text Ripple specializes in opt-in text message marketing anbusiness support. Our company offers a myriad of services that are affordable and infinitely scalable from single-location businesses to national corporations, including services like retail coupon and sale alerts, survey services, lead generation, appointment reminders, restaurant paging and more. Our services include real-time statistics analysis, web-based interface and continual marketing support for success.

Some of our former and current clients include:  Proctor and Gamble, Century 21, Snap-on, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bigby Coffee, Kensington Community Church and LocalBizNow.

Mobile Marketing messages boast a 95% read-rate, nearly guaranteeing returns. Every single one of Text Ripple's clients report ROI higher than 20% - substantially higher than any other marketing method. This service can be added to any existing campaign (such as promoting a sale). Unlike some wireless multimedia, texting is available on every one of the 200+ million mobile phones in the US, making it the largest potential marketing ground.