The Angel Scrolls is a newly resurrected ancient religion that allows us to witness messages relayed through birds from the angels of God. These angels also provide its' visionaries with a personal connection to God through their own dreams and visions. These dreams and visions produce modern day prophecies that are witnessed regularly through future events.

For the most part it is the religion that Jesus Christ practiced prior to his crucifixion and the one that he was teaching before his time was cut short on earth. At that time the people in his region were very spiritual. They believed that dreams and visions guided them in life and that they came from God. They also believed in prophecy, miracles, angels, and healings. On the other hand it is not the typical Christian religion because we do not believe in everything the bible tells us, or everything that is in the New Testament. We know that even though the Bible and New Testament were inspired by God, they were written and put together by man. In other words, the religious leaders constructed them according to the politics that existed at the time.

This is not a religion where you come to worship anyone or anything. It is more focused on an understanding of God and walking with him spiritually. We witness modern prophecy through regular events in our life. It is not a cult and it does not try and isolate you from the rest of humanity. We do not try to change your religious views. As a matter of fact we encourage people to keep their own religion, for God gives everyone the right to believe in what they want to.

Even though we call it a religion, it is more of a journey into spiritualism and learning the spirituality of God. It teaches us what God wants us to know about Him, His Reasoning, His Purpose, our purpose and the secrets of His divine wisdom. As a matter of fact it is only about 10% religion and 90% spirituality.

God makes many promises in this religion of spirituality. He promises that you will get to know His unconditional love personally. He promises to show you many miracles of survival and provide you with prophecy. He will teach you to have a happy and productive life. All you have to do is be willing to listen to what He has to say and be open to receive His love.