Introducing The Bridge Church in Enterprise, AL! The name is inspired by a desire to Bridge the Gap for people who don't usually feel comforatble in a traditional church setting! This wonderful group of people has everything there is to offer in fellowship, love, and strong Christian faith! Powerful worship, with probably one of the best Contemporary worship teams in the area! The Church is still considered a Church Plant! This means that it is still in the initial growth phase, and is always looking for fresh leadership to help grow the foundation. The Current leadership includes Howard Moore-Pastor, John Whiggam and Falisha Whiggam- Youth Pastors, Stacey King-Worship Team Leader, Mark Barber- Senior Leadership and Sound director, Kim Larson-Childrens Pastor, and several more who each play an important role in the dynamics of this church body! Every Sunday the set up and break down for their service at the Fun Factory! While this is a temporary location it is serving it's purpouse well! This Church is set for take off!! It's worth checking out!