We find ourselves in interesting times. Over the last 12 years, we have been through September 11th, the worst terrorist attack on US soil in our history, the Iraq and Afghan wars, and the biggest financial crash since the Great Depression. Just for openers. You may or may not agree with me on this, but our corporate backed news agencies are not a great source of real and truthful news when it comes to these stories and others.

There are real and dependable sources of historical information out there, and I am not talking about Fox News. These sources are the incredibly talented and dedicated people that work tirelessly to make documentary films. These films are a cinematic tradition, and a mode of audience reception, that in the light of current affairs are an indispensable medium.

Films like The World According to Monsanto, Bowling for Columbine, Broken Rainbow, Burning the Future, Coal in America, and 9/11, Press for the Truth, just to name a few, are extremely important films that all should see. Ever American needs to see these films and others, it’s all about education.

This is why I have created The Doc Project.

The Doc Project is a venue for screening documentary films to the public for free. I will find a good location in Los Angeles, and one in the Riverside area, to screen the films. I currently have 20 documentaries, with many more to come.

I intend to screen these films for free to the general public. I will solicit donations at the screenings to fund future events. My hope is to do this monthly in each location. In addition, if the project does well and is self sustaining, I intend to carry it to other cities, Anaheim, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and so on.

Startup expenses will include venue rental, purchasing DVD’s with the proper permissions for public screenings, and a small amount for promotional expenses. I believe I can get a great deal of exposure at little or no cost due to the nature of the project. I can also solicit sponsors, and please believe me when I tell you, I will be very careful when choosing those sponsors. I will also always ask people to bring canned food, clothes, blankets, and such that I will donate to a homeless services organization on a regular basis.

These are very important times, and we as a community and a nation  must make very important decisions as to our path and future and it is equally important that we make these decisions having accurate and complete information and we simply can longer trust that coming from corporate owned media, they have motives well beyond “fair and balanced,” it’s something called profits, and profits do not belong in the news. I cannot stress this point enough.

As time moves forward, the Doc Project will become part of my forming non-profit organization, The American Coalition for Sustainable Living, an organization with the purpose of educating and promoting sustainable living and alternative energy. Each organization will compliment and benefit the other.

For more information on the A.C.S.L., please visit www.agreenamerica.org.

See the project here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/223205?a=278680

Please help me get this project off the ground, I am sure you will agree, it is very important. Thank you for your time and thanks in advance for all your help.