Koalatative Guided Solutions, LLC™ is a Limited Liability Company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our purpose is to provide self-wellness education and materials to adults to reach optimal wellness. We believe that accomplishing simple daily tasks and identifying areas for growth, we become aware of our own wellness needs and use the new information and materials to lead a fulfilling life.  

Our blog, The Guide Key to Wellness, provides fun facts and weekly tasks to complete to address all the areas of self-wellness. The Guide Key™ brand (along with our website) serves as a medium for promoting the self-wellness lifestyle.

Our products and services:  
    The Guide Key to Wellness Blog
    The Guide Key™ eCommerce Store  
    When Wellness Runs Dry - Your Return to Self-Care Begins Here
    Course: The Guide Key™ to Self-Wellness Course
    Curriculum: The Guide Key™ to Self-Wellness Curriculum
    Personal Consultation: The Guide Key™ Team Support Line