The Mack Agency is an independent Fashion Sales Agency representing Fashion and Luxury Brands to retailers. The Mack Agency creates revenue channels,  secures licensing deals, provides wholesale & distribution opportunities, and provides coaching and consulting services to help clients maximize revenue channels as well as launch and grow their brands.  

The Mack Agency participates in trade shows across the country including Coterie in NY, Magic in Las Vegas, Baselworld in Switzerland, and The Americas Mart in Atlanta.

The Mack Agency’s client base of many brands include Arturo Rios, legendary couture hat designer whose styles are worn by many celebrities including Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton.  Other brands include Adolfo Sanchez, couture dress designer whose brands are often seen at NY Fashion Week and the red carpet, A. Sauvage by Adrien Sauvage London based former British Basketball player now renowned men’s designer, Green Timepieces based in South Africa and Hilary MacMillan, Toronto, CA based contemporary- couture women’s wear designer.