The Moringa Farm, a brand of wellness products made from Moringa Oleifera, or commonly known as Moringa. Our products are made from Moringa oil extract, that has 13 essential vitamins, 16 minerals, protein, omega 3 and even live Chlorophyll.

This primary organic ingredient is the basis for all of our premium range of products - from supplements, skin care, body and bath, hair care and food sectors. Our Moringa raw material comes from selected organic farms in the Philippines, the best source of Moringa Oleifera in the world. We build a close relationship with our farmers, educate them on the importance and benefits of organic farming. Through such close relationships, we make sure that our raw materials are not chemically enhanced and are pesticide-free. Using a specialized cold-press process, we then extract from the seeds and leaves a very premium quality of Moringa Oil not available anywhere else in the world.