The site was developed by industry experts to allow individuals moving the ability to self-manage the entire relocation process. Moving is one of the top 3 most stressful situations we face in our lives topped only by death and divorce. In many cases the situation is compounded by the tragedy of a death or a divorce making moving very stressful.

The mall is a safe professional site that provides only national world class providers. Online moving scams are rampant and coming from the industry we make sure only reputable movers and other merchants are represented.

We also make it very simple for employees to self- manage their relocation when working with a lump sum reimbursement from their corporations. Our site allows them to customize a experience that is tailored for them and gives the employee the ability to simplify the relocation policy.  

The site is also a perfect added value service for real estate agents allowing them to keep the customers engaged throughout the sale or purchase of property. The client can actively coordinate their move while the realtor concentrates on moving property

It is also perfect for Boomers and Zoomers a great tool for downsizing and organizing the process. It is very simple and fun to use anyone from 8 to 98 can organize their relocation. If they can click a mouse they can move their house.

We layout the process in a fun Shopping mal setting with an extensive To-Do list if it works for surgeons and pilots why not moving a they pop their way through the mall they are presented with great tips and advice a well as being offered products and services at the exact time they may need them in the relocation cycle

The site is a fun safe easy and convenient way to uncomplicate a very stressful situation.