For Immediate Release
Summary: The purpose of this release is to inform the readers that The Nurse’s Assistant is now available to help caregivers make educated choices in nursing facilities for their loved ones.  This book uses humor to discuss what life is really like on the inside of a nursing home and how friendships are formed between the elderly and their nurse’s aides.
The Nurse’s Assistant Helps People to Relax About Choosing Nursing Facilities
Friday, July 13, 2012
    Elderly people are entering nursing facilities all across America each day and are usually fearful because of what they know of nursing homes of the past. This book has been written to share their stories and give readers insights into preparing loved ones for their stay in a nursing home. There are many considerations when choosing a nursing facility for loved ones.  If there is  time to plan and choose where they will stay, there are many things that can be decided right from the start on their behalf. If their stay with the facility was unplanned and sudden, there are still things to know about life in a nursing home and the general atmosphere of these new homes that can set your mind at ease.  Not everything about these places is negative and depressing anymore.  There are many reasons to laugh and be filled with joy during these latter years of their lives.  There are activities and entertainment provided in nursing homes to keep them busy.
    Many of our elderly have moved into these homes and made the best of it.  They make friends and get involved in activities that keep them busy.  Not a day passes where they are not making us laugh or vice versa.    
    Nursing homes are not just about keeping some people alive while others are waiting around to die.  It is about people helping people.  It is about bonding.  Friendships are developed that are never forgotten.  It is not always about how the nursing staff can help America’s elderly.  It is often about how they have helped us.  We cry on their shoulders at times and they help us through some of the worse times of our lives.  Not only because they have been there but their wisdom far surpasses that of the younger generation.  They listen to our stories as much as we listen to theirs.  Many times when they pass away we suffer grief over their loss as you do but for different reasons.  
    I hope this book will be enjoyed not only by the families of the elderly, but also the future certified nurse’s aides and the elderly themselves.  This book is a hilarious work of fiction based on my experience as a nurse’s aide.  Some of the stories are from other nurse’s aides in other parts of the country.  However, the administrative issues and descriptions of the job itself are accurate.  
Individuals can learn more about this funny, useful and informative book at http://www.thenursesassistant.com.
About The Author
Catherine Gray now resides in Central Wisconsin with her children.   She grew up in Sacramento, California.  As a former Nurse’s Assistant she has gained insightful experience about what life is really like on the inside of a commercial nursing home.  Her story is based loosely on her experiences not only with her residents and their families but with staff and administration.  She now writes fulltime and consults with the elderly and their families about how to make the best choices in nursing facilities.