The ODMC is a place where all your Hunting, Fishing, and Golfing needs come together. If your interested in finding others in your area that share common interest, tired of searching the web for countless hours trying to find the information you need, need to sell something and tired of the ridiculous fees & percentage, or you want to save some money or everyday purchases, this it the site for you! See below for how our site is structured:  

Social Networking

Our Social side will be a place to share pictures & videos of your best outdoor adventure, find people in your area that share the same interest as yourself, and share your knowledge, recipes, and fishing reports with all members.


Our Informational pages will be a place to Search for anything you might need in your area (Butcher, Taxidermist, Bait & Tackle, Golf Courses, etc), there are useful links to all State websites for Hunting, Fishing, and Boating information, we will also have links to boating & weather conditions, best times to hunt, fish, and golf, and of course State Record information for Animals & Fish. If you notice we don't have one, send us an email with the appropriate information and we will add it asap! If all the Golfers would like to see State record information, please send us your ideas.

Classified / For Sale Section

Our Classified Section will allow all members to post an unlimited number of items with no percentage of sale as other sites might charge!

Discount Programs

Our Discount Program is provided by Working Advantage (Employee discount benefit and gift programs, providing corporate discounts on movie tickets, theme park tickets, Broadway tickets, ski tickets, Home Improvement Stores, Outdoor Stores, and much much more).