10 years ago Kylee opened a graphic design studio where the majority of their work was in publishing. As a result 5 years later Kylee rebranded as a publishing house where she became known as ‘The Publishing Queen’ as she not only published books but educated people on how to Self Publish.

Now married and a mother of two with 10 years industry experience Kylee turns her focus to sharing her marketing expertise with those in the small business sector as publishing a book is only one part of a much bigger marketing picture. As the new and improved business card the book allows you to get instant credibility as the expert in your field while attracting your ideal client time and time again but this on its own is no longer enough which is why Kylee is excited to move into the marketing arena.

Kylee looks forward to sharing the new and constantly changing cutting edge marketing techniques with those wanting to move from a physical business (or a 9 to 5 job) to a virtual one so they can experience the joys of a fully automated business. Her 2 newest books; ‘Automated Marketing’ and ‘Virtual Business’ form the foundations of everything she will be teaching well into the future including the fully automated sales and fulfilment process with the multi-level sales letter and the database you get paid to build.