Rushden, United Kingdom, September 2 2010 – The Law of Attraction is something which is well known the world over; the book and film The Secret have been smash successes and people are definitely interested in applying the principle which these works spell out for readers and viewers. Influential celebrities including Oprah Winfrey have attested to the efficacy of the Law of Attraction and there is mounting scientific evidence to suggest that this is a natural phenomenon which people can use to create the life that they want for themselves.
The basic principle behind the Law of Attraction, just in case you’re unfamiliar with it, is that the Universe is made up of energy – something any physicist will gladly confirm. Our thoughts, everything around us and indeed the entire universe are all made of interrelated energy fields; so thoughts can become reality, if directed properly. Whatever you put your mental energy towards, in other words, will come to you.
While there is worldwide interest in the Law of Attraction and The Secret, one thing which people who are in the know have lacked is a genuine community where they can discuss their lives as well as create personal profiles where they can share their affirmations, their intentions in life, the things which they visualize as well as those things which they are grateful for. However, David and Wilna Murphy has stepped up to the challenge of helping people build an intentional community based on their common interests.
The Secret Alliance (http://www.thesecretalliance.com) is a social networking website based around the principles of the Law of Attraction – and it certainly seems to be quickly attracting a large number of people eager to become a part of this unique online community. Wilna explains: “We spent some time looking for an online group like The Secret Alliance, but didn’t really find much out there, at least nothing which offered the kind of full featured social networking capabilities we were looking for – so we decided to go ahead and build it ourselves. I knew there were an awful lot of other people just like me who were looking for an online home away from home where they could talk about their intentions and post visualizations and other The Secret-oriented material in their personal profiles”. It seems the Murphys was absolutely right; there has been enormous interest in this new social networking community, with people from every imaginable walk of life meeting and interacting in ways they never have before; all in the interest of helping one another. Many of us would say that the world needs more of this, but the Murphys decided to go ahead and make it happen. “Like it says right on the website, don’t wait for others to first take action –just do it!”, Wilna says, smiling broadly. She is a woman with every reason to smile. The Secret Alliance seems poised to become one of the biggest things on the Word Wide Web.
Like other popular social networking sites, The Secret Alliance is free to join and users can create their own personal profile in a matter of minutes with an easy to use interface. For people who are excited about The Secret, this site is certain to become a regular stop where they share their hopes and dreams with the world.

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