Who I can help...

Are you unsure about what direction to take your life in? Is this you?
You are experiencing a “life crisis” it doesn't matter at what stage along the path of your life you are at, it only matters that you are in crisis.

You have worked hard to achieve success in your career, but you are finding it harder to balance this with a satisfying and nurturing family life.

You are feeling empty, disconnected and unfulfilled in your life, your work and/or your relationships.

Secretly you long to do something completely different with your life, but you feel fearful instead of fearless and this has prevented you from taking any forward moving action so far.

You want to make a difference in the world but you have absolutely no idea where to start, and if you do know where you want to start you are lacking confidence in your own abilities.

You know that you are not living up to your potential.

If any of this applies to you then you have come to the right place, I can help you to get into your groove.

Who I work with...

I help people who are feeling stuck in a rut in a specific area of their life.
I often work with men and women with an age range from 25 through to 50 who are struggling to get out of the rut that they have found themselves in.

My clients come from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, including:

Professional service industries such as coaches, consultants, medical practitioners, trainers and facilitators, alternative health practitioners, accountants and lawyers.

Corporate and community sectors such as senior managers and executive assistants, program managers, teachers and community leaders.

Creative fields such as writers and directors, graphic designers and architects, artists and photographers, advertising and marketing executives.

What you need to succeed...

My clients commonly share many of the following characteristics.
You desire to be the very best that you can be and you you are willing to take steps to achieve this.

You are open to exploring new ideas.

You value yourself and are willing to invest in your personal and professional development.

You understand that life is a journey and appreciate that you learn new things along the way.

You honour your commitments to yourself and others.

You want to make a contribution to others and the world around you.

If this sounds like you, I can help you to get out of your rut and into your groove. Go to www.stuck-in-a-rut-coaching.com/e-course.html for your FREE 7 Part e-course (£97 value) describing how you can get out of your rut and into your groove.