Time2YeS™ is a community-driven movement to turn e-smog relief from expensive, secretive, complicated tech into something everyone can have in an elegant, fashionable way.

It is a unincorporated (un-managed movement, not a company or managed organization) and represented solely by Ozzie Freedom (DBA).

YeS™ technology seems to provide relief from electromagnetic radiation pollution (e-smog), by low-cost formulas applied to jewelry, fashion, housewares and other everyday products, to enhance body-energy, agriculture, water and animal wellbeing.

Time2YeS™ incorporates an unorthodox strategic plan aiming at 7 billion end users. Rather than selling to individuals, Ozzie Freedom offers intellectual property and consultation to
1) Businesses of all sorts: manufacturers, designers, wholesalers, retail outlets, etc.
2) Non-profit organizations,
3) Unincorporated charities (individuals, groups, churches, etc.)