Biotic Technology™ mimics an ecological process discovered by the inventor, Dr. Neil Manspeizer. The idea is to trigger a process, known as Transgression-Tensility™, within the Global Electrical Circuit (GEC). This is accomplished using a technological device that transduces a thermoacoustic quasi-particle (phonon) through ionization. This device can be used to produce electricity from the endothermic process which is popular in many consumer markets. Additionally, because the device operates along the thermoacoustic range within the GEC, it can be used for chemical-free geoengineering to reverse climate change. This sensor transduces thermoacoustic signals at very fine input resolution to convert the momentum of a phonon wave packets into voltage. The equipment mimics open-system endothermic ecological flows and provides raw data regarding motion at a nuclear scale to map quantum sound waves. The idea of extracting thermoacoustic energy trapped in the GEC is exciting because it is a verifiable method to reverse global warming.