Tommie has now been inducted into the BLUES HALL OF FAME as Ambassador to New Zealand.......
and is now hosting her own radio show on invitation from Womens Radio -
Tommie Talks Music airs each Friday at this link http://www.womensradio.com/users/Tommie-Brewster/328/articles.html

Tommie is a soulful blues artist christened 'The Soulful Voice of Blues' singing only her own original compositions and playing many instruments plus producing the work herself.
Main website at http://www.tommiebrewster.com

Tommie is also Cultural Ambassador to the charity Global Flying Hospitals........
and Regional Ambassador for the charity Act Against Injustice which fights Child Trafficking worldwide.

Tommie Brewster is a classical pianist first, then a songwriter and singer, arranging and producing her own music.
Music is a tyrant and a lover as all creative musicians will know and Tommie writes and produces music just about every day working towards the best possible sounds without tweaks, loops, samples - just music from the heart and soul is all.

"I don't copy, replicate, immitate or emulate - I am just Tommie doing music in my own way. Thanks for visiting.  Music is my life."