Knowing first hand what it's like on the Other Side, I have dedicated my life to proving, that success of one's hopes and dreams is possible no matter where you've been or how far you have fallen.

If you read my whole crazy story on the first page of my website, at assetebooks.com, you will realize that, if I can turn my life around, ANYBODY CAN!

Although assetebooks.com is my primary website, I have several blogs, including Tom Retterbush's Redemption, Tom Retterbush Activist, Tom Retterbush Investigator, Addicts Not Anonymous, SEXYOUALL Sexual Advice Blog, as well as several minor blog and social media sites, with more in the making.

It is my dream, intention and goal to launch and operate some meaningful, helpful websites, including one about depression, one about determination (which is what saved me from my life of depression, addiction and crime) and one to help our disabled, addicted, homeless and hungry veterans.