We bring viewers a variety of all things creepy ranging from creatures similar to those found on The Walking Dead to situations similar to those discussed on Unsolved Mysteries. We feature blogs, videos, pictures, and articles on the creepier things in life. We can’t guarantee that everything you’ll see on this show will keep you up at night, make you lose your lunch, or die from laughter, but we can assume that you won’t be bored.
You don’t want to miss this deliciously dark and downright bizarre entertainment brought to you by real life ghost hunters who are known for their extreme, avant- garde paranormal research techniques. Their roundup of everything creepy, past and present, is designed to keep you wondering what they will discuss next.  Of course, we are obligated to say that we cannot guarantee there isn’t a clown under your bed with a sling blade waiting for you or that you aren’t stuck in some version of a nightmarish purgatory filled with rainbows and unicorns. The show could range from “deadly” serious to slapstick humor and laughter-inducing dialogue.
Join these real life ghost hunters as they seek and share all things creepy. It’s sure to be creeptastic!

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