Totem Ltd was founded by Colleen Addicott who first noted the benefits of ensuring people are in the right jobs while working in management & project roles in various financial services organisations.  After a number of years in business she went back to college to study Occupational Psychology.

Now, as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Collen has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of organisations in both the private & public sectors.  She is keen for totem to provide a truly tailored service to each client - ensuring the team provided fits with the organisation in terms of culture & relevant experience.

The principles by which Colleen set Totem Ltd up to operate:

Positive – By understanding individual’s strengths and allowing opportunities for these to flourish, we gain benefit for both the individual and organisation.

Psychology – Techniques and approaches are grounded in psychology, providing solutions that are based upon solid theory and supported by research.

Practical – Solutions focus on efficiency and ensure measurable impact in order to clarify the benefits.

We work to provide tailored approaches for both individuals and organisations.  We believe that if someone is working in an appropriate environment and role they will be more successful and satisfied.

Totem Ltd occupational psychologists work with client partners to define what is required and to design & deliver tools to help them achieve their aims and goals.   We recognise financial budgets and timescales are not endless so we have found it useful to provide our client partners with:
* a summary of what we understand the requirements, aims and goals to be;
* an outline the gold standard approach that will help achieve the aims and goals;
* a menu system of potential cost or time savings, clarifying how these may impact on the aims and goals.

By taking this approach it allows both Totem Ltd and our client partners to be open about expectations, flexible in approach and clear about the benefits of the work to be undertaken.