With today’s launch of their online platform Towoglo is ready to play a key role in the booming online freelance industry here in the UK.

Towoglo’s online services will help Small and Medium Enterprises to access a global pool of freelancers and professional agencies making this process more flexible, easy to manage (Towoglo makes of the online collaboration tools provided its forte) and secure from a financial point of view (Towoglo acts as a trusted third party between companies and freelancers), therefore enabling a “global outsourcing perspective” for British SMEs.

The freelance economy, a well-established trend in the USA, is now booming in the UK and in Europe with compelling figures: according to the 2013 EPI’s (European Forum of Independent Professionals) manifesto the EU’s iPro workforce has grown consistently for the past decade becoming a vital part of the European workforce and economy. From 2004 to 2013, the EU27 iPro population grew from fewer than 6.2 million professionals to nearly 9 million, a 45% increase (65% increase in the UK).

This upward trend tells us three things:  
Freelance labour is getting momentum, and based on the patterns in temp labour, it is expected to continue
The growth in freelance indicates that organizations, especially small and medium businesses, are embracing new and more flexible work arrangements other than just staff employees.
Particularly those enterprises that use freelancers at scale will need new tools and processes in order to handle the entire freelancer life-cycle.

These are the distinctive concepts at the core of Towoglo’s philosophy: besides the traditional processes of project bidding and negotiation, in fact, Towoglo offers advanced project management and collaboration tools, therefore providing a seamless integration between the awarding of a project and its execution, in a way which is almost completely new to the industry.

Towoglo is the ambitious entrepreneurial idea of his CEO Domenico Cirillo (http://uk.linkedin.com/in/domenicocirillo), Italian engineer with several years’ experience as a management consultant and an MBA (Master in Business Administration) from the University of Birmingham, who considers the UK as the ideal starting point for launching a business with the aspiration and the potentiality to become soon global.

With his team they have recently won a place into the Sirius Programme, one of the most comprehensive start-up support packages worldwide, sponsored by the UK Trade and Investment department of the British government. Following the award, in June 2014 Towoglo set up in a hub run by the business accelerator Entrepreneurial Spark (http://www.entrepreneurial-spark.com/) in Glasgow, one of the excellences among British start-ups accelerators, which is contributing to a new start-up renaissance in Scotland.

For its launch Towoglo is currently offering British freelancers and companies a 90% discount over all their membership plans using the following promo code at the checkout: PRESS
The promotion will be valid till 5 October 2014.

For further information contact marketing (at) towoglo.com