Since 2004, Training for Life center is dedicated to train people to achieve their and their families goals, which will create new opportunities in their lives.

Using our Vital Training and Brain Training with Neurofeedback training programs, you will reach your best results ever.

Vital Training is a “Thinking Technology” which helps you achieve your personal, professional and spiritual goals by creating more effective and successful relationships with the people in your life.

Brain Training with Neurofeedback is a tailored exercise session for your brain, during which you strengthen the neural pathways so it can better run your body and care for itself. There's a lot going on inside of your brain and it is possible to harness all that activity to make you healthier, more relaxed, and more focused.

Brain Training uses Neurofeedback to teach your brain to regulate itself. It can address problems like anxiety, sleep disorders, emotional problems and attention/concentration/memory deficits. Also, other brainregulated conditions including seizures. Various assessment methods are used to determine an individual's needs, and specific brain frequencies are then targeted in response. It is appropriate for adults, teens and children. Peak Performance Programs for Athletes, Artists and Entrepreneurs are available.