TransPacific Power (TPP) is a manufacturer and distributor of batteries, ac adapters, and an assortment of accessories for laptop and notebook computers, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, cell phones, MP3 and MP4 devices, etc. With a manufacturing operation in Shenzhen China, distribution and warehousing facilities in Southern California, and sister companies in Europe and Asia, TransPacific Power's global network contributes to the highest standards of quality, value, and delivery. TransPacific Power is expert in the provision of power related products including state-of-the-art lithium-ion and lithium-polymer smart batteries and an assortment of compact, durable, model-specific power adapters.

The TransPacific Power supply chain gives our customers flexibility to meet their order-delivery requirements. Product can be acquired in very large lots directly from our manufacturing facility in China or supplied on a short turnaround basis from our U.S. warehouse facility. TransPacific Power can fill your warehouse on regular cycles or promptly ship smaller quantities in response to specific purchase orders.

The TPP customer base consists of a wide variety of companies and business models. These include online retailers, retail stores and retail chains, big box stores, service centers, certified OEM resellers and parts suppliers, parts distributors, and large corporate buyers. TransPacific Power does not sell in the retail space.

If your product lines include batteries or power related products, or if you are considering the addition of these lines to your product offerings, consider TransPacific Power. Our commitment is to world class manufacturing, first rate value-price ratios, and prompt, attentive customer service.