Triangular Coaching a nurturing, fun, awe-inspiring experience

Utilizing the sacred geometry of the triangle in coaching

The triangle is a sacred geometry that provides a powerful space for creations. Three people forming a triangle have the capacity to create a stable, nurturing environment, where deep listening and heightened awareness happen with ease. In a balanced triangle all three participants connect deeply with each other, stay neutral and hold each other whole, creative and resourceful. Because of the stability and connectedness created in our balanced coaching triangle, we can open our hearts fully and let new ideas and solutions emerge with ease, grace and joy.

Working in a triangle allows us to work with you simultaneously at multiple levels.

In our Triangular Coaching Session we support you to:

Identify your unique gift you bring to the world
Express your heart’s desire
Clarify your next steps in life
Untangle challenging situations
Listen to your body’s wisdom, identify and release energy blocks and lay new energy pathways
Make decisions in alignment with who you are
Freya and Petra hold and share six energies in this Triangular Coaching environment with you:

Neutrality: explore tools to stay calm, focused and present
Exploration: delve deeply into your urge, desire and fascination
Curiosity: discover new possibilities, identify new alternatives, uncover who you are  
Flow: release mental, emotional, or spiritual blocks and replace them with new habits and thoughts
Creativity: Identify solutions and practical steps towards living your personal values and desires
Birthing: Bring forth projects that bring you joy and set them in motion
These six energies create a tetrahedron, another sacred geometry.