TravelWebSolution (“TWS”) is a new concept in the world of software solutions for the travel industry.

TWS is all about identifying specific needs, finding a trail leading towards a solution, adapting the solution to the specific market needs and commercializing it.

Think of TWS as a technology solutions solution broker for the travel industry.

TWS  works through an extensive network of contacts involved in both the travel industry and the computer automation  world. We believe that by bringing all of these great now how combined with advance technology solutions into a structured, properly packaged, adequately maintained and supported products, TWS could effectively bring to the travel industry a better, more efficient way of automating their operations.

TWS will to find products and solutions whose every concept addresses, in part or in whole, a special need in the field of automation for the travel industry.

TWS is about bringing relevancy and structure to a somewhat chaotic if not anarchic situation.  In simple terms, TWS is about tying up the loose ends.