UK GRO Certificates is a secure online personal documentation retrieval service acquiring replacement birth certificates, certified death certificates, copy marriage certificates,  adoption certificates and cilvil partner certificates from the appropriate UK Government offices or relevant England or Wales court.

Simply Order Online and the certificate can be delivered to you anywhere in the world. All Certificates are government approved official documents and accepted for most official and legal purposes such as Passport Application, Driving Licence, Wedding, DWP Pension Benefits, Housing, Immigration purposes, Job Interviews and Education. Birth Certificates are the Full Version, also known as Long Version birth certificates which include both parents names and occupation.

This website can secure your private information using a 256bit encrypted SSL certificate. Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encypted using SSL before transmission. Ordering a replacement or duplicate certificate could not be easier. Every certificate we supply is an official government issued copy with the General Register Office seal.