UniMedia is a comprehensive brand marketing and creative design firm, now in its 10th year of business. We have carved out a strong niche in providing highly effective, yet cost-conscious marketing solutions for businesses, organizations and government agencies wanting to reach their audiences—whether it’s potential clients, their existing partners or even their own employees. Our vast experience in creating, producing and delivering impactful online and offline solutions gives us an edge over younger, less savvy firms. But, we are by no means dinosaurs. We pride ourselves on keeping up with current trends and technologies.


UniMedia was spawned from the need for a single-source, creative solution provider in the Charleston, SC market. Recognizing the frustration associated with hiring, coordinating and managing the efforts of separate providers for video production, Web development, and graphic design, Rich Carnahan and Richard Almes formed the region's only full-service visual communications and marketing firm in 2006. UniMedia is the result of a strategic partnership between KRD Creative Group and Almes Productions—two successful and award-winning production companies in their own right, with combined experience of over 45 years.


We believe that the best relationships are those that are bonded over hard work and through honest communication. We have made a name for ourselves through the relationships we have forged with our customers. Ask any of our clients, and they'll tell you the same.

Below is an overview of the many industries in which we have worked over the years.

• Aviation
• Banking
• Distribution
• Education
• Entertainment & Media
• Forestry
• Government
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Nonprofit
• Research & Development
• Technology
• Tourism
• Transportation & Logistics