What is the best college graduation gift? It's the question that University Icons resolves. University Icons sells custom-order fine art photographic prints. The company's mission is to appreciate and celebrate the beautiful and varied architecture of college campuses across the U.S.

The online gallery offers images from over 500 campuses. Whether you are searching for a college graduation gift or another special occasion gift such as birthday, holiday, retirement or recognition, you will find a cherished print for any student, graduate or alum! Higher Education professionals should also take note... a fine art print celebrating your school is perfect as an honorarium, retirement or employee anniversary gift.

University Icons is a small start-up that grew out of a passion for architecture and photography and the realization that the colleges and universities across the county are the home to some of the best architecture and historical buildings that America has to offer.  From lengthy road trips to endless hours perfecting the images, an exquisite black and white fine art print is the final product ready for a home or office.