After COVID-19, the world is rethinking non-conventional ways to do business. While means of digital media are leading the way for the new world order, a challenge is being faced by firms throughout.

The challenge is that firms who want to set up a digital infrastructure don’t have proper understanding of where and how much to invest. Other firms who already outsource these services are not seeing the worth of their investments. Even bigger firms, find it hard to do vendor management and audits of vendors to check if their investment is being 100% utilised or simply splurged.

The reason is nothing but one, it is a change of an era, the new technology does work but not everyone knows how. While the digital vendors emphasize up-selling all their services, the client not always knows the worth of one service over the other. Cliched and fancy terms are more into discussion across tables rather than the research and questions like “Why… why should this service be availed? Is this service even required for our business?”.

The Unfinished Business was established with this core idea of providing not services but "Solutions". Solutions which are:

- Tailor-made for each customer for their business requirements
- Driven by in-depth research of the market
- Highly aesthetic in nature for an enhanced experience
- Brand building in longer-term & meeting goals in short term.

The Unfinished Business firmly believes in delivering nothing but high-quality work with a motto:
“If you spend money on advertising or branding, it should come back in added goodwill & increase in stake value”