About U-Reach Group
U-Reach has built an excellent reputation worldwide for Hard Drive, Flash and DVD Duplicators over the past 14 years.
U-Reach's superior technology in DVD, Flash, and HDD duplication/sanitization has been internationally certified by many professional industry leaders. With over 30 years of skilled engineering experience, we continue to strive for innovation and will never be satiated by the accumulated market knowledge we've acquired.

Leading in Technology Innovations
Our products offer high efficiency and quality testing for many popular devices, especially with our Flash/Hard Drive duplication and sanitization features. U-Reach's unique technology is beneficial and used worldwide by electronic manufacturers, Fortune 500 corporations, educational systems, government agencies, military branches, etc.

For example:
-     It's the only product on the market that is high-speed and supports multiprocessing with a dedicated bandwidth that enables high volume duplications without speed degradation.
-     Non-PC based duplicators generate event log report that record session details and media device information (S/N, ID, model, capacity).
-     The special invisible ink technology protects the event log report from any unauthorized modifications.
-     The smart Daisy-Chain technology provides the best production flexibility for enterprise corporations.
U-Reach Data Solutions Inc. (USA Headquarter)
Our U-Reach Group started in 2002 from Taiwan and expanded globally to support different regions. As the world's leading manufacturer of DVD, flash, and HDD duplicators for more than a decade, U-Reach has and strives to continue building cutting edge technologies for valuable data solutions.

Enter Q4 of 2012, U-Reach Data Solutions Inc. formed in California as the USA headquarter. We extend the manufacturer's services to the Americas, offering quality deliveries to meet ever-changing market needs and contribute to the greater success of the industry.

Innovation aside, our customer oriented business philosophy drives the company to welcoming new challenges each day. Leveraging worldwide service experiences as well as solid technology advances acquired over the years. We aim to provide total solutions that are efficient and effective in optimizing the duplication process.

At U-Reach USA, we make it our goal to bring customer satisfaction to the next level.