About Mounted Games – Known as an extreme form of equestrian sport, Mounted Games has an inherently increased level of danger, demanding high levels of physical exertion from both rider and pony, using specialized skills to perform exciting stunts. Mounted Games riders need a blend of well-developed skills to perform at top level. Advanced horsemanship skills, excellent hand eye coordination, superior fitness, determination and courage are all needed to excel. Skills performed in the 120 meter arena include standing vaults, galloping dismounts, leaning off ponies at canter to pick up objects, bursting balloons and hitting targets at a gallop, and high speed changeovers of equipment between team members. Competitions are held in teams, pairs, or individuals. Ponies need high levels of athleticism, and need to be able to stop, gallop, and ‘turn on a dime’, the instant their rider gives the signal.