With Valana Minerals® our customers can rest assured that our products contain the most pure, naturally luxurious ingredients available, along with colors and collections designed for people with various shades of tan and brown skin. The quality is not only evident in our cosmetics, but also in our accessories and customer service.

Although Valana Minerals® color cosmetics are created to coordinate with ethnic skin tones, the majority of our products work wonderfully with a diverse range of skin tones. You will discover the exceptional quality of our products transcend the limitations of skin color.

Please accept this personal invitation to experience the pure, simple, natural luxury that is Valana Minerals®.

Meet the "Val" in Valana

For many years, I was frustrated by horrible customer service and the lack of high quality natural cosmetic products for myself and people like me, with brown skin. I avoided the disappointment of the department store cosmetic counter and bought inexpensive, poor quality cosmetics that only added to challenges because of poor color selection and harsh chemical additives. I also sold popular name brand cosmetics but I still found myself mixing and adding ingredients to products to better suit my needs.

Several years ago I suffered an illness, which was worsened by an “overdose” of an ingredient commonly used in shampoo. This inspired me to learn more about the ingredients used in skin care products. As I learned more about the harsh ingredients in many skin care products I became concerned for my health and began to make my own skin care ‘concoctions’ at home.

My educational background is in Sociology, and Fashion Design and Merchandising. I truly enjoy studying and exploring anything artistic, other cultures, and my own culture. I have traveled extensively and in my travels I’ve shared my experiences and discovered that people of color around the world have the same frustrations I’ve experienced with skin care and color cosmetic products.

Many mass market cosmetics companies don’t provide color selections that address the wide range of skin tones and undertones among those with various shades of tan and brown skin. One size does not fit all. In the area of natural and vegan skin care, product availability has been scarce...UNTIL NOW.

Now that I have discovered a natural mineral makeup formulation and color selection that works for me and my loved ones, I want to share. I specialize in natural, vegan cosmetics in shades for people of color. I created Valana Minerals to help you feel confident and look great, naturally.