Company Overview
Business owners today from just about every industry i.e. retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service and professional practices are frustrated with the increasing cost and unaccountability of traditional advertising. They are anxious to learn about alternative ways to grow sales and profits. Many of them feel there are sources of new sales in their business but need help in discovering them! The 9 STEPS TO SUCCESS system helps uncover these new sales - without spending more money on traditional advertising!
We find that a significant amount of business owners are very good at what they do. However, they struggle in many areas they are not proficient in. We have created a platform they can utilize to increase their abilities and education in all aspects of business they may be weak in. Welcome to VALCOR Business Coaching.
We believe that by providing the tools and techniques to teach entrepreneurs how to strengthen their business in all areas, will provide a much stronger base for them to grow from. Once any weak sales, operational and financial issues are repaired, if needed, then most companies are ready to take on what our marketing system can provide...Explosive Growth!
Our 9 Steps To Success, Marketing System believes that “hidden” within all companies, regardless of size or industry are undiscovered and sometimes instant opportunities for new sales and profits. By implementing The 9 STEPS TO SUCCESS marketing system, these “hidden” opportunities are discovered, leveraged and optimized for a lot MORE SALES - WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEND ONE MORE NICKEL on traditional marketing and advertising strategies. And, if companies are involved in traditional advertising strategies, the system teaches how to implement them more effectively without spending more. The system is held accountable by guaranteeing to produce results.
Become the recognized leader in helping the $.5 million to $25 million dollar companies to exponentially grow sales, increase bottom line profits and provide the training and coaching necessary for business owners to get their companies operating and selling at peak performance. To additionally provide the means for business owners to dilute their competition, and become the preeminent industry leader within their industry group. While also providing a unique marketing system that can help generate massive growth without increasing advertising costs to the company.