She has more than 30 years expertise in pharmaceutical compounding pharmacy in South Africa and Australia and was active in R&D and innovative formulary, herbal medicine and integrative medicine development. Vanita was one of the first compounders in Australia for 5 years before compounding became a specialized area within the pharmacy industry. She was instrumental in assisting with developing accreditation standards for compounding in Australia and she developed formulations in dermatology, custom targeted nutrition, Bio-identical hormones and anti-ageing medicine.

Vanita is a clinical consultant in functional pathology, providing in-depth technical and clinical consultancy incorporating assessment, interpretation and prescriptive guidelines to medical and allied health practitioners internationally.

Vanita is a premier educational leader and an International speaker on Integrative medicine to medical practitioners and peers and presents in public forums on advancements and innovations in evidence based natural health and healing.

She is a regular speaker and educator for A5M post graduate courses and has presented internationally on compounding pharmacy and integrative heath to the public and her peers.

Vanita Dahia is an experienced health professional and has established a thriving practice in Melbourne as an Integrative Allied Health consultant. She has a broad range of expertise as a pharmacist, naturopath, nutritionist which places her as one of the eminent integrative health experts in Australia. Vanita’s experiential knowledge as a Functional Pathologist is much sought after internationally where she teaches, consults, guides and mentors emerging professionals in the field.

She values the principle of optimal integrative health to empower, heal & serve. She incorporates wide experience and knowledge of traditional commercial pharmaceutical products with pharmaceutical compounding knowledge steeped in the principals of natural medicine to achieve the best health outcome for her clients. Vanita applies her experience in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Ayurvedic medicine to adopt a holistic approach to illness: treating the body as a whole, determining the cause of imbalance and using proven natural and custom tailored treatment options.