Venti Group is a Manufacturer and Licensor of Antennas, Coax RF Suppression Sleeves and PIM Technologies. Venti Group independently developed and owns three Wireless Patent families - CORE™ Antennas, SLEEV™ and PIMCONNECT™. CORE™ Antennas are based on the Venti Patented Low-Cost Technology and comprised a line of Indoor and Outdoor Antennas for Wi-Fi and LTE DAS Applications. SLEEV™ eliminates the unwanted EMI / RFI / PIM emissions that impact antenna signals, radio equipment and chipsets that are the heart of Wireless. PIMCONNECT™ is the Venti manufacturing technology allows for stable through the product lifecycle low PIM rated products delivering a PIM rating of ≤ -153 dBc and better for the entire served bandwidth.

Venti Group is committed to bringing our technologies to enhance all wireless communications providing safer & better coverage and faster and more reliable data.