Our Mission:

Veterans Hope is a vital liaison between our Nation's veterans and organizations created to meet their needs. We will also function as the facilitator of community events and summits, working with State and Federal organizations, connecting the military with the American people, while increasing awareness and support for their needs.

The expanded mission of Veterans’ Hope is to help service men and women navigate the thousands of support organizations available to them and their families. Through its Mobile Information Command Centers (MICC), Veterans’ Hope will use its comprehensive database to match veterans’ needs with organizations that can provide the best support for the identified challenges. Veterans’ Hope also serves as a marketing platform for organizations wanting to connect with the military community.

Through state partnerships, Veterans’ Hope organizes community town halls all across the country, connecting veterans and their families, where they are located, live and in-person, with leadership from the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, as well as other organizations which have equity in the quality of life for our veterans and their families. Veterans’ Hope will reconnect the American people with its military, one community at a time.

Veterans’ Hope will take the lead in organizing annual summits for organizations whose missions are to support our veterans and their families. We work closely with state and federal organizations to bring together resources that will help organizations and support their missions.

Company Overview:

Veterans’ Hope, with its corporate and charitable partners, will work to improve the lives of servicemen and women and their families across the country. Additionally, we will work to enhance the visibility of the military services, while at the same time provide a venue that all service members, past, present and future can rally around.

Through a cooperative effort, Veterans’ Hope will be able to foster a spirit and camaraderie that will serve to improve morale; and strengthen the bond between the active, retired and military veteran communities. Veterans’ Hope will work to preserve the traditions of the military services, and continually educate the American people about our Armed Forces.

According to the Department of Defense, there is a disconnect between America's people and her military. Through our grassroots marketing objectives, Veterans’ Hope will focus efforts that lead towards reconnecting the American people with its military.

Our Vision:

There are approximately 25 million veterans in the United States. After courageously serving their country, nearly six percent of them live in poverty, facing homelessness and in desperate need of help. Approximately six million are disabled, many are struggling financially, and a high number need treatment for depression, PTSD, and other psychological issues.

With our Mobile Information Command Center traveling in every state, and throughout the year, we will reach our veterans and their families in a timely manner, and deliver the support they need to get back on their feet and show them how they can also provide hope for others.  Veterans’ Hope will show our Veterans that they are still a valuable asset to our country, and that the American people do care.

Through corporate and charitable partnerships, Veterans’ Hope delivers hope!  From Veteran service organizations and national conventions, large community events to small town festivals and town halls, Veterans’ Hope is becoming the leader in Veteran support.


VETERANS' HOPE is an IRS Section 501 headquartered in Washington D.C.  
Federal Tax ID number is: 26-4725296